Williams Communications Services, LLC
Serving New England Since 1989

Services We Provide

  • Local Area Network (LAN), Data or Network Cabling: We provide a complete line of data wiring solutions including cabinet, rack and patch panel assembly. Available in enhanced category CAT5E, category 6 solutions, multimode fiber, coaxial and sheilded products.
  • Line Certification: All data and fiber cabling certified to EIA/TIA standards.
  • Data Circuit Extensions: Need your T-1 extended into your office suite from a basement room, and the telephone company won't do it? Call us! We can extend your T-1, ISDN and DSL circuit to where you can use it.
  • Fiber Optic Solutions: Need a fiber riser run between floors or buildings? Call us!! We can provide you with a complete fiber solution.
  • Telephone, Fax and Modem Cabling: Need voice wire runs along with your data? No problem. We specialize in installing voice termination of any kind. Need your telephone lines brought into your work space? We can install a feed cable to provide that dial tone where you can use it.
  • Coaxial Cabling: Also known as CATV, coaxial cable or RG-6. Need an existing video source split out to multiple locations? Call us.
  • Hourly Work: Adds, moves, changes, testing, re-termination, and certification. We can help! Call us. 


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